Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Yes, Another One: Stitch Fix #16

Pretty clothes.

My life is full of not pretty things. Life, in general, isn't pretty, is it? Doodoo happens. Poopoo. Crap. 

Thankfully, as a stay at home mom, a writer, and a yoga teacher-in-training, things are mostly at "doodoo" level when the day goes awry. But sh*t has happened. It happens to the best of us, no matter how "hashtag blessed" we are.

So when I post these blogs about Stitch Fix, and happy box-opening, and trying on pricey pants, it's usually in the midst of a doodoo day. 

It takes my mind off of all the craziness in this world. And it reminds me that I can enjoy the little things. Like a box of clothes addressed to me, with a personal note, and a fashion show; even if it's in my own bedroom in front of a dirty mirror.

So all that to say, thank you for humoring me. Thank you for reading these. I have another one to share, and I hope you like it...

This one, my 16th box, was mostly full of expensive tops. I'm happy they listened and didn't send jeans or pants this time, as I've been buying all those darn jeans they've sent, and it's put a huge dent in my fun money. 

However, the tops I recieved were also pretty threatening to my bank account. I have since changed my profile to "The cheaper the better" for tops, and gave appropriate feedback. So we shall see for next month if that makes a difference.

The first item out of my box was the Tea N Rose Westbury Crochet Detail Hoodie $54

This wasn't bad. It was soft and stretchy, and I love anything gray... Usually. I think it was the crochet detail on the back that made it strange to me. Also, I kind of like my sweaters and hoodies to be ever-so-slightly oversized. This one was pretty fitted, and I didn't feel completely happy with it.

Ok, so after the hoodie, I tried on the Market & Spruce Xander Short Sleeve Woven Back Sweatshirt $54. Are the names getting longer, or is it just me?

This sweatshirt/top thing just felt confused. It had an identity crisis. Was it a sweatshirt, or a short sleeve top?
Cute in theory, but I wouldn't wear it. It also felt a little snug in the shoulders. The woven back wasn't my favorite. Again, it was not loose and comfy like I'd want something like this to be. It was tight and pulled at the shoulder blades so it didn't lay well.

Next was something I saw right out of the box, knowing it would be horrible. But it wasn't. It was awesome. I loved it. It was the RD Style Missa Pointelle Detail Pullover Sweater $68.

It doesn't look like much, but it had a nice heavy drape, a smooth feel, and great details. It was slightly oversized, which I loved, but it was also flattering. It also had these fun slit openings at the wrist.

I'd wear this. I really wanted it. I had to decide if it was worth the price though...

Next was the Kut From The Kloth Sinclaire Floral Print Button-Up Blouse $68. Damn you, Stitch Fix. I love this too.

It can be worn long-sleeved (perfect sleeve length too), or cuffed and it had button tabs to keep it rolled. It needed an under shirt, but it was also light enough that I could transition very well to Springtime... Think light denim, white pants, or even shorts. But still dark enough to be worn in the winter.

Hmmm.... another thinker.

The last item was the Le Lis Alexington Open Jacket $78. It was really a coat. It was nice.

I really liked the open style, the pattern, and the weight; but I didn't need a coat, and it was wool and very large. I do like oversized clothes, but I think this would work better for someone taller. It seemed to swallow me up a bit. But it did have pockets.

I couldn't choose all the things. And I also have a hard time biting the bullet for tops. Jeans, I'm dropping cash like a rock star, but ask me to pay more than $40 for the top half of my body and I'm shocked and appalled. 

In spite of myself, I did end up choosing the floral top from Kut From The Kloth. I need nicer tops to wear with jeans, and I think it can be worn across seasons. Plus, it's made in the USA. With the deduction of my $20 styling fee, it was about $50. I can deal with that, but like I said, I did request cheaper tops next time.

Maybe consider getting yourself a Stitch Fix box for February! Valentine's Day is coming up, and spring is right around the corner, and I don't know about you, but I need a closet-refresher. If you want to try the service, click on the button below and I will get a little credit when your first box ships!

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