Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Stitch Fix: Box of Pretties

Does this girl ever do anything else? Is she maybe a little obsessed with this silly Stitch Fix stuff?


I do other stuff, obvi. I'm a mom. If all I did was try on clothes, my kids would be dirty, malnourished and without clean attire.

But maybe I am a little bit obsessed.

Well, just very interested. 

I like it.

So I got another box yesterday! In it was a plethora of pretty. I got 3 tops, a dress, and a pair of white jeans. All hand picked for me by my stylist, Soo. 

First, white cuffed boyfriend jeans by Kut from the Kloth. I love them. I normally think this brand runs big, but these are fitting me perfectly. They are nice and stretchy and thick enough that I don't feel self conscious about my panty-choices... knowwhatimean? I tried them on initially with this gray hi-low tee I got in a prior "fix."

Next, this really pretty abstract tank by Brixon Ivy. It's so soft. It's like air. Unfortunately, it's dry clean only, and I'm not sure it can come to live with me. Maybe a little too high maintenance for a mom of four?? But it's super cute with the white jeans....

It has a gray knit back.

This is probably my (unexpected) favorite. This cobalt blue lace-detail top by Papermoon. I really would never think to wear this color, but when I put it on, I feel amazing. If you recall, there was another cobalt blue top in another box, and I didn't buy it. I regret that, but I'm so glad they sent this one. I feel fancy and casual all at once, which is very "me."

Look! The back dips into a "v." Nice. 

I really like it with the jeans too, but I don't think I'm keeping these. Only because I have some Gap cash to spend this month and I'll probably get some decent white jeans from there. The cost will be a lot less and I like their new straight leg fit. The Kut from the Kloth jeans are $78. That's not outrageous for jeans, but for these particular ones it's just not going to happen. Sad though. 

Next, I tried on this printed detail henley by Market & Spruce. I initially loved this top, but I don't love it so much on me. I tend to gravitate to this brand, and I normally like this neckline, but I just think the other tops were much more flattering.

I like the length and the hem line. Cute... but I think the blue top overshadowed it. And a girl's gotta make choices.

And then this dress!!! Bird print!!! Perfect fit!!! It's fully-lined too. And just so stinking adorable. But I'm not keeping it. Sigh. The material just seems a little scratchy or cheap or something. And then today I noticed a little run/snag thing on the skirt, and I can't pay $68 for it. **big sad face here** But even still, I'm happy with this pick. I hope I get more dresses in this sillouette. I think it suits me better than the maxi dresses I've been getting. 

Also, doesn't my feather necklace look cute with it? I got it for my birthday from my amazing mother-in-law. 

So I think I'm only keeping the blue top, you guys! I really almost kept the whole entire box, because I liked all of it and with the 25% discount for keeping all five items, it would have been a steal. Also, big thank you to all who have signed up with Stitch Fix via my link!! I have a little credit for this fix and that is amazing!!

If you want your own box of pretty clothes from Stitch Fix, you can click here or on the logo below! Also, I'd love to know what you get and how you like the service when you get your first fix in the mail. 

Happy Hump Day!

~ Char