Sunday, June 12, 2016

Stitch Fix, A Wedding, and A Getaway

My baby brother got married last month, and it was sweet and beautiful, and I cried like I was his mama.

And also, I got a Stitch Fix box, literally on his wedding day. We were supposed to leave at 3:30 that day, and the mail comes at 3. And I had requested a specific dress for the wedding. I did not plan ahead well for this.

So the box came, and I tried stuff on, and (spoiler alert!!) I kept the dress. But I know you want to see everything, and I will show you...

However, I lost the style card and invoice because it's been the longest month and I'm pretty sure I tossed it. So I'm going to fake my way through this. 

The first items I tried on were this black and white pencil skirt, and a black asymmetrical sleeveless top. I told my stylist that I was going away with my husband for a couple days, and Crystal sent some cute and feminine items, including these.

I didn't keep these, though. I liked them, but my budget didn't love them.

I also got this super cute gauzy off-shoulder dress, in navy blue:

I loved this. It just wouldn't stay "off" the shoulder... It kept wanting to be very much on my shoulder, like this:

Which really wasn't bad, but once again, budget issues. Husband really liked this too, so I've been on the look out for cute dresses in a similar style.

Next I got this adorable embroidered sleeveless top. It was loose and flowy, but those armholes were just a little snug. My stylist suggested I wear this with my flares that I got in a previous fix, which I loved the idea of! I ended up trying it on with some cuffed jeans I already had on that day:

Also, there's a clingy baby in this photo, sorry; as well as a massive bruise on my arm. It was a bruised vein and I'm still not sure how that happened.

And last but not least, my favorite dress, and the item that I kept (thus, the budget issues):

This is the Kit Swing Dress, and it was so much fun. It was a little short, but absolutely worth the anxiety of a "show" at the wedding. 

And here's my brother, Stephen, and his beautiful wife Rebecca:

These two are some of my favorite people. 

Not long after the wedding, my hubby and I were able to escape for 3 days of childless bliss, thanks to my sister and my husband's sister! 

Also, if you thought beer would not be a part of this blog, think again folks.

Beer-tasting in the foothills at Jack Russel Brewery in the rain. I had the most delicious Mexican vanilla stout and we cuddled under a blanket under an awning, and I'm still dreaming about some of the food we ate, a picnic at a winery, and a late night after-dinner movie -- just because we could.

Happy anniversary to him and me.