Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Strange thing...

I started using Pinterest, and it's making me a better mother.

Well, it makes me feel like I'm a better mother. I'm actually feeling like my brain is organized into catagories and I have PICTURES and links to follow, and practical instructions on how to do these projects that I really have wanted to do, but never really do, because I don't know where to start.

And those who have known me for years are snickering, because for years I claimed that I wasn't crafty, and don't get me started on "crafts" (said with icky distain over the ridge of my crinkled nose).

But I'm not going to alter that claim; I do hate crafts. I dislike what was called "crafts" in Sunday school with that boring construction paper, and glue, and elbow macaroni. That was lame, and even at the age of 6 I was aware of it.

No, not crafty. I am artistic.

(don't laugh)

I love making things. But I want them to be useful and practical, and solve a problem I've been meaning to solve. I learned to knit a couple of years ago, and the problem that solved was excess tension. Amazingly, focusing on stitching a scarf into existence really does solve two problems for me. The first is that I need to be warm. And scarfs are trendy and beautiful. The second is (or is it the third...?) knitting relaxes me and helps me not to worry about all the "stuff" that moms worry about. Or the stuff women worry about. Or wives... whatever. I worry a lot. And it makes me tense. Knitting helps. End of story.

So with this Pinterest thing, I am learning that I can do even more. I can make my kids clothes. I can decorate. I can cook (again). I can enjoy my kids because I'm not worrying about the fact that I'm NOT being creative or artistic with the space and objects around me. Instead, I go look at my boards, and pin new pins to my boards, and I see what others are doing to keep their children from running wild (i.e., yes, it usually entails a kind of craft...).

So the ultimate purpose of this blog is to say that I'm spreading my wings in the sky of crafting. I am learning to love to make, and create, and I think this is making me a better mother. A calm and happy mommy is a good mommy. Oh, and I saw this quote on Pinterest today:

"Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids."

So on my path to being more crafty, my floors will be sticky with glue, my oven will be dirty with all the amazing food I'm cooking, and my kids will be happy because they've been eating glue and smearing it on the floor.

Ah, on to another day of cyber-craftiness.