Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall Stitch Fix: The One Where I Loved Too Much

So I got my 13th Stitch Fix box in the mail right before the holiday weekend! And, because the 3-day check out window doesn't include weekends and holidays....

I have until Friday to decide what I want to keep. This ended up working out because this box was fantastic, and I'm having a terrible time making wise choices. Wise choices are hard in general. When it comes to cute clothes, it's nearly impossible.

Ok, let's start. Stitch Fix always sends 5 items; in this box I received 2 pairs of jeans (per my request), a pair of earrings, a top, and a cardigan (also something I requested).

1. Henry & Belle Abana Ankle Length Skinny Jeans $148

These jeans so, so nice. They fit like a glove. Great quality staple piece. I really want to welcome them into the fold of my closet. But, is it weird that I would rather spend $100 on new Lululemon leggings? That may speak more to my lifestyle right now: lazy-chic.

Obviously I don't object to the price alone. Maybe it's that I didn't go to a store and pick out an amazing pair of jeans that I'm in love with, and decide they were totally worth $150. 

Here's the thing. If I buy these, that's more half of the total price of the whole lot. So it's a slippery slope after that, people. 

You'll see. On to the next item.

2. Kut from the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans $78

I have a buddy today. His sisters are at school and he's always my shadow when they're not around. It's cute... Sometimes.

These jeans though. Comfy. Stretchy. Casual. I love them. 

Also, I'm impressed that they gave them to me in the right size! I take this brand one size smaller than is typical for me, and they read my note and remembered, which really makes me happy. 

Declan likes them too. 

In the above pics I'm also wearing...

3. Loveappella Lolla Woven Back Mixed Media Knit Top $58

This is a super soft stretchy knit, with a really nice weight to it. It's plain gray except for the peek of floral in the back. I actually love this. I'm a fan of floral AND gray, and I'm thinking I could even "dress" up my yoga tights with it. This will be great for fall. 

It's so hard to even think about wearing long sleeves right now, as today is supposed to be 105... pretty much all week has been burn-your-face-off-hot. It makes me down right mean. I want fall!!!! 

End rant. Next item!

4. Pixley Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan $48

Now, I have to admit, when I requested an "open knit cardigan," I actually meant an open weave knit fabric, like the kind you knit on needles. Something airy, light, good transition for fall.

But, when I tried this on, I was actually really happy with it. Again, I can wear it with my yoga clothes (are you seeing a trend here?), it's super soft, it has pockets, and yeah. It has pockets.

I tried it on with both pairs of jeans, and my random shirt from Target that spoke to my soul so I bought it: "But First, Coffee." It's like the corporate Target billionares spoke to the clothing mill people in China about me, and they made this. I love happy endings.

Anyway......another view. My posture, gross. Cardigan, cute.

And the last item.

5. Bancroft Jayde Cut Out Spade Drop Earrings $32

Maybe these aren't the prettiest earrings in the world, but I would absolutely wear them. They are the easy hook-through style, gold-toned, and look almost identical to a pair I already own and wear almost every day. I do like mine better. 

However, these wouldn't be a terrible addition to my life. I'd wear them for sure. The thing is, $32 for obvious costume jewelry. BUT, with the $20 styling fee credit, they're really only $12.

So my conundrum is that if I keep the black jeans and the distressed jeans (I do need jeans and they both fit me amazingly) that's $150 + $78, minus the $20 styling fee... so I'd pay $203 plus tax. If I keep the WHOLE BOX and get the 25% off everything, the entire box ends up being $250. 

This is why I did that whole Facebook shenanigan. I really did need input and I needed it before Friday. I'm actually leaning toward just keeping the black jeans. I know they'd get worn and they are great quality. I did actually message Stitch Fix about price matching them to some I found on Amazon, but it turned out they weren't the "exact pair" from my box. So they said no. *sad face* That's not necessarily a deal breaker for me, but it's still something I'm contemplating.

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