Friday, February 12, 2016

Love Day Stitch Fix and A Beer Pairing

I wasn't going to have a beer with this fix. My husband's stash is low, and all that's left are the super bitter (hoppy) ones.

But then I opened my box. And my face scrunched up, and I immediately became cranky.

It wasn't great, you guys.

I decided to look again at the beer, and low and behold, found an oatmeal stout. That would do.

Yes, that would do nicely.

The first thing out of my box was this red Bobeau Kellin Lace Yoke Bell Sleeve Knit Top $68

I threw it on with my Gap girlfriend jeans. It is soft and has a nice drape. Is it $68 worth? Absolutely not. If I were keeping the whole box, and this was the only item I was on the fence about, I'd probably wear it with the discount. But shapeless peasant top in a color I hardly wear (unless it's Christmas or Valentine's Day), is just not on my "want" list.

Next up was the Loveappella Zander Mesh Detail Roll Tab Knit Top $54

It's a thick-ish black knit top, with weird details. Im also not a tab sleeve fan. It's strange but boring at the same time. No, thank you. Oh, and the "mesh" detail was one thin line down the back of a different material. It was hard to photograph.

It gets worse from here, I'm warning you. But then it gets better for a minute. And then there's beer. 

Ok, so the next item I tried on was this RD Style Analisa Twisted Seam Pull-Over Sweater $64

This sweater was gross. It was so unflattering, fit so poorly, and the construction was very, very bad. It has this super cropped front, and longer back, just perfect to showcase your mom pooch.

The sleeves were snug and short. I'm not a large person, so the fact that it's fitting this way is not okay. I'm also the kind of girl who likes my sweaters loose, if not oversized. So this was a hard pass for me. Hard, hard pass. 

And now for this...

The Lysse Cassie Printed Cuffed Straight Leg Pant $98

I don't even know what to say. They brought out my weird eclectic future old lady self. I put on my leaopard print loafers, because the pants asked me to. 

They are a very heavy drapey fabric, which feels like very expensive curtains. My grandma would have loved these babies. 

I decided that my future 70-ish year-old self would definitely take these pricey pants on a cruise, so I found a hat to complete the ensemble:

Now I'm incognito. Oh, there's a drawstring too, and an elastic waist. These pants inspired me so much, I couldn't stop taking pictures. Look, here I am with a longer sleeve top, because I think being old would make me chilly.

Ok, that's enough of that. But really, I'm really wondering how these wound up in my box. And for $98???? 

*takes a long gulp of oatmeal stout*

Mmm...malty beery goodness.

But now good things. Well, one good thing. This dress:

This is the Loveappella Leila Dress $64

At first I wasn't sure. It's kind of a thin knit material, and I'm not usually into crazy patterns. BUT, it's so comfy. Like, very very soft and I could wear it all day. The hem hits at just the right spot, and it's adorable with ankle boots. I can wear this with a bulky cardigan or a denim jacket, or whatever. 

And, look; it goes really well with my beer in a mason jar, right?

The lady who would buy those blue pants would never go for this dress. 


If you would like to experience the waves of joy and disappointment that are included with every Stitch Fix box, then click the link below!  I promise you won't be dis... Well, but you will probably find something you love! And it's like a gambling addiction. Once you win the "jackpot" it's hard to stop pulling that lever! Am I talking you into it yet?