Monday, March 14, 2016

Stitch Fix au Café

The long awaited amazing Stitch Fix box arrived! I really need to stop looking at the checkout page on the Stitch Fix website...

Isn't (one of) the reason(s) I'm doing this for the surprise factor? And yet, I look. 

In prior fixes, when I looked to see what was coming, I was mostly disappointed. Somehow a lengthy garment name and a pricey invoice are not conducive to "delight." 

This time, however, it looked like a dream. It was everything I would have pinned to my Pinterest Board. It was all that I'd hoped for. I would, for sure, be keeping the entire fix.

And then it arrived. My husband was working from home that day, and had made me a yummy espresso drink. It went well with opening the box from heaven. 

I got shoes, you guys. I was super excited, but then when I saw them, and tried them on, I was just "eh, whatever shoes." They were awkward fitting and I didn't love the shiny bronzy gold color. And, is it ever flattering to anyone to have those ankle straps? Don't they just cut you off at the foot and make you look shorter? Also, these were $89. No, thank you.

But the clothes. YES. A thousand yeses. I immediately pulled out my 4 inch wedges and a long pendant necklace from my closet, and tried on the jeans and this top. The jeans are the DRD Aliana Released Hem Side Zipper Flare Jean $88. Best flares ever. They are long, but I don't care. They are soft, and stretchy, and unique, and I want to dance to ABBA in them. 

The top is the Papermoon Huelva Crochet Detail Top $44, and it was really cute. It had this really pretty detailing on the front and the upper back, and the material was a nice weight without being see through. I would have kept it, but the arm holes seemed kind of small, and it wasn't comfortable. Otherwise, very pretty top.

Just wanted to show you the waist on these jeans. There are zippers on either hip, and it's a flat front, and VERY high waisted.

Side view of my outfit. I really loved this. You may not be able to tell, but I have two different shoes on.

I threw on the Papermoon Naz Crochet Kimono $48 over the jeans and olive top. Love it. It's quite long, but flattering, and I love pieces like this. It's perfect for covering up in the summer, especially when it's hotter than hell and all you want to wear is short shorts and a tank top. Kimonos turn trashy shorty-shorts into fashion statements. You can quote me directly on that. 

So nice... Love the black crochet detail on the sleeves.

And then this dress... This is the Gentle Fawn Alesia V-Neck Dress $78. At first I was sold. And I'm really happy that my stylist understood that I love shift-style dresses, and florals are always okay by me. However, something about it was off. It was a nice shifty shape, but it had no shape. Does that even makes sense? It was snug in the rear, and loose everywhere else. The sleeves were also VERY long, and it was about 2 inches too long for my height. I think it would look amazing on a woman a little taller than me. I informed my stylist accordingly, and with sadness sent it back.

Oh, and the above photo includes the shoes from my box. They are super weird looking. Like shiny clown shoes...

Below, much better with my clogs, but still not as fun and springy and fitting-right as I'd hoped.

I must have loved this, I couldn't stop taking pictures... But you can kind of see how long and odd the shoulders and arms fit. It did have a really pretty crochet detail all down the arms, and around the hem as well.

And that's all, folks. I don't really have a clever ending to this one. I'm still recovering from "Spring Break," or otherwise referred to as "Longest week ever with 4 children and a dog all whining for attention, food, and entertainment." And then the time-change over the weekend sealed the deal. 

And now -- now I drink Chardonnay, and thank the Lord above for the gift that is school, and time on the couch with my 2-year-old who still needs to sleep on me for his naps, and pre-made chicken curry that I'm planning to plop in a pan in a few minutes and heat through, no real cooking involved.

And also, it's Pi Day. 3/14. You know.

So I got a pie for that. Of course. 

Happy Pie/Pi Day, everyone! And if you would like to sign up for Stitch Fix and give it a try, I recommend it! It's actually fun to schedule a box for something special, like Mother's Day, or your birthday, because presents.

If you order a fix through the icon link below, I will get a little credit when your box ships!