Sunday, July 19, 2015

July Stitch Fix: Nobody's Perfect

I'm keeping it real this month, people. This was not my favorite Stitch Fix box. It wasn't even that anything was particularly awful about it, it just wasn'

Well, one dress was an "almost, but not quite." You'll see.

It's unfortunate, because we are heading out of state for a family wedding, and I was hoping for a new dress. I was also hoping for cute traveling clothes; you know, for the long, long drive with four children. Sometimes you need to feel like you look good, to feel good. And if you feel good, you behave nicely, and treat your kids and husband with kindness. 

And because of this Stitch Fix failure, I will probably be mean-mommy-of-rage. It's all their fault. I am no longer responsible for my bad attitude.

Just kidding. I wish I could blame a clothing subscription service for my bad behavior. That would be so convenient. 

Anyway, in spite of not keeping anything in this one, I still took lovely pictures for you, and I will give you the names and prices, in case you see something you have to have in your own box! 

First up, and actually my favorite of everything, the Le Lis Zealand Crochet Detail Knit Top $44

My 8 year old was my fashion critic this morning. She said "that's nice." But her heart wasn't in it. 

I liked this, and tried it on with my high waisted Paige cut offs. I just have a lot of gray tops. It's my go-to neutral these days. And the crochet shoulder detail was pretty, but I just don't need this. Especially for $44. Here's he back view. 

Cute, right? This is my style. But I could grab something similar at TJMaxx, and I don't need another gray top (trying to convince myself it's ok to let this one go).

Next, I tried on the Pixley Tracy Dot Print Cross Back Knit Top $58

My daughter loved this one. Can you tell? It's not my jam. I feel like a cartoon, with the colors, and the polka dots, and the really blousey sleeves. The positives were that the material was nice and subtantial, stretchy, and very very soft. Seemed like it would hold up well and the drape was nice. If you love polka dots, this is a nice top. 

Here's a back view. It has a cute cross-back detail.

If you are tall, this would work well for you as well. I thought his was quite long on my 5'4" self.

The last top I got in my box was the Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt $54

Psychedelic, man.

Again, the fabric is soft, the drape is nice, it's stretchy and comfortable. 

But, yucky. I really dislike the print and colors. My husband said it hurt his eyes. This was easy to pass on. 

I also got 2 dresses in this fix, which I requested. I needed something to wear for a backyard wedding next week, and it's always nice to have options.

The first dress was nice, but not me. It's the Le Lis Maude Floral Dress $78

This is a simple fit and flare style dress, with a v-back and an amazing twirl radius. Bella was trying to show me how to best try out the twirly-ness. She really loved this one. My husband really liked it too, but he also didn't know the price. Not that I wouldn't pay $78 for the "perfect dress" and the $20 styling fee applied would make it $58... But I just don't dig this style. I thought it would be perfect for my sister, though. She loves this silhouette. Here's a back view:

I could see my sis rocking this with red heals and a cute necklace. 

Now, the next dress had potential. This is something I would have picked up in a store, but the fit just wasn't quite right, and something about the color combo was a little off to me.

This is the Renee C Shiloh Maxi Dress $64

I have company. The baby found me.

The price was right, and it's a fun boho style, which I'm into right now. Also, the skirt has an attatched half-slip, so you don't have to stress (much) about your panty choices. 

One slit up the right side. I like it.

Cute back tie at the neckline. 

This was just a little weird fit-wise. The elastic waist kept moving around, and wasn't very comfortable. Also, the colors looked a little "Americana." Nothing wong with that, I just don't like to wear it.

So, yep, also going back.

I will say, I haven't had my favorite stylist, Soo, for my last couple of fixes. I miss you, Soo!!! 

My next box is scheduled in mid-August, just in time for fall-transitional styles, I hope. Not that it will be cool here AT ALL by then, but I like to plan ahead. Also, fall is my favorite. Even in California.

Apparently I'm an eternal optimist, because in mid-July I'm hopeful for fall; and in spite of not finding anything I adored this month, I still love Stitch Fix. I love surprises, and presents. So, done and done.

If you want to give this service a try, you can use my link and I will get a $25 credit when your box ships! Also, if you like anything you've seen in my boxes, you can request them by name or pin anything to your own style board on Pinterest. Link your Stitch Fix profile to your Pinterest board for better fixes. 

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer!


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