Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Stitch Fix

Just what I needed on this 104 degree day. It's hot, and I'm cranky. And it's the first day of summer vacation for my kids. So yeah, good times happening up in here. It really was the perfect day for a box of pretty clothes.

I can't believe this is my 11th Stitch Fix box! That's a lot of boxes. And clothes. This craziness all started because I had just had a baby and had nothing to wear last summer. In fact, I think it's been almost exactly a year since I ordered my first box! Happy anniversary to me!

This box was really fun, you guys. It was colorful and different, and fun and pretty! My regular stylist, Soo, wasn't able to style me this time, but Alexandra did a great job.

Here's the stack. I love all the colors!! The note from my stylist was super personal and specific and it was obvious she had read my feed back form not just my last fix, but from a ways back. She noted I liked yellow, so she included the striped yellow top that you see above. Although this yellow wasn't quite my shade (neon yellow, is it anyone's shade?), I loved the personal touch.

Let's get on with it! In this box, I got a pair of high waisted floral pants, printed shorts, and 3 tops.

I loved the variety and idea of this whole box. Everything was pretty, and feminine, and summery. But I really, really loved the teal Market and Spruce Solid Pleat Detail Top. So I tried it on first. It's a winner. It's simple, pretty, easy to wash and wear, and a great price point. I tried it on first with the cutoffs I had on:

It's very wrinkled. I shall fix that. But imagine it's practically perfect in every way. 

I just really love this color. I don't even think I own anything in this shade, so I'm keeping it.

Next, I went ahead and switched the top out for the yellow striped top with a lacey strip down the back and lace flutter-style cap sleeves, it's the Loveappella Lace Detail Knit Top.


It's not ugly or anything, but this color, neon yellow with cream stripes, it's strange. And the lace detail is cute, but not cap sleeves. And it's super duper long. And kind of sheer. I think it's just not my style, so it's going back.

Next I tried on the Margaret M. Emer Printed Straightleg Pant. These were fun, and I love a pretty floral pant, but the execution wasn't quite right. I literally just purchased a pair of floral joggers last weekend, so these were on point style-wise for me, but I was not a fan of these.

The fabric was a stretchy thick material, and I might have liked them better if they were a skinny pant or legging.... But I didn't love the sillouette. They also felt hot, because 104 today, you know? So maybe not a good summer pant. They were high waisted, here's another close up.

The gray top I'm wearing is the Pixley Back Lace Detail Knit Top, and I thought this would be a keeper. I loved the stretchy gray knit fabric, and the back detail was sexy. But something about it, it wasn't very flattering, maybe? Ignore the outline of my strapless bra, please. I did try it on with a better bra after this, and I still wasn't in love. Maybe if it was a better price, but it was over the $50 mark, so not worth it to keep.

Here's a shot of the back:

I had asked for shorts, so Alexandra sent me the Skies Are Blue Nessa Printed Shorts, and you guys, these are amazing!! I was hoping for a printed short, and these were so comfy, and I think they're pretty flattering.

I have them lower on my hips here, but they can be high waisted as well. However making them high waisted also makes them high leg-ed. And wow, booty shot. I didn't take a picture of that show. Sorry, friends, I know you're disappointed.

Here's the outfit I'm keeping! 

I like it. It's cool, and comfortable, and it makes me feel pretty. Everything a mom-of-four-during-summer-break can hope for. 

Thanks for reading yet another of my very non-professional Stitch Fix posts! If you want to give the service a try for yourself, feel free to use my link to sign up and fill out a style profile, and schedule a box whenever you'd like! You can click here, or on the logo below.

For my next box, I'm going to request some dress options for my cousin's wedding coming up in August, so that should be a fun post! Stay tuned, and stay cool, people!

~ Char

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