Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July Stitch Fix (i.e., Fabulous Distraction from Real World Problems)


I can't decide, you guys. I got my Stitch Fix box today, and it's mostly great. I'm really tempted to keep the whole thing... I'm just not sure I love it all. Please help me decide! (Plus, isn't this a fun little distraction from real life?? You're welcome!)

Oh, first, let me begin by saying I did not have a beer while trying on this Fix. However, right before I checked the mail, and after a long morning of driving my girls around and getting in some yoga practice hours, I did partake in a nice Hell or High Watermelon by 21st Amendment. Perfect for a sweltering day like today. I get in in cans at Trader Joe, but I highly recommend you find somewhere that serves it on tap. Deee-lish.

Ok, on to the clothes. 

The top here is mine, but the jeans are the Warp + Weft Noah Distressed Boyfiend Jeans $98 and they are comfy like butter. Love love love these jeans!! 

I was also sent the Romolo Genevieve Stacked Chevron Pendant Necklace $28, and I have to admit I've wanted this necklace for a very long time. I'm keeping this. It's strange that it even showed up in my box, because I have all jewelry removed from my style profile. But I'm not really complaining... This time.

My next favorite piece is this top, the THML Kaleigh Tank Top $48. Its precious and fun and also pretty sexy. 

Closer view... The stripes are navy I think, and the bodice has beautiful embroidery. The fit is perfect.

Although it does have a ton of space...for if I overeat, I suppose. Food-baby space. Not real baby space. Let's be clear about that.

Next is this top by Pixley $54. I don't love it. It's a stretchy gray knit with this black lace paneling in the front, and also on the back neckline. It has this obtuse gold exposed zipper at the back, and I dislike that. 

A dress! This cute floral number is the Crescent (Designed for Stitch Fix) Arian Dress $68. And this one is the "wild wango card" of the lot. I can't decide if it's me. I can't decide if it's cute and "vintage" like my stylist said, or if it's just "elderly." No offense to the elderly.

Side has an elastic waist (not my fave). It does fit well and is a good length. Maybe for fall with cute booties??

Close-up of the colors and pattern...

So these are the items I really want, and the totally price:

But this is the total if I buy everything, with the 25% discount:

So, basically the dress would be free... 

But do I need or want it? What would I then do with that obnoxious and overpriced gray top?

Let me know, people!

~ Char


  1. I love reading these blogs. They are so fun to me. I vote you save the $50 and not get that dress. I feel like you could make it cute with leggings and booties, but alone I do think it looks a bit elderly. You are way too cute for that!

  2. I agree with you!! And thanks, for commenting, friend!! I'm going to save my $ for sure. I'm actually still contemplating on whether to keep the jeans or not as well. :/

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